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My Heritage and My Story is an art project which aims to record and tell the stories of immigrants in Australia through the painting of small items that hold sentimental value for the immigrants.

The project idea began with an old bus ticket. I came to Australia as an international student, and I kept the paper tickets I bought when I first arrived in Canberra in 2009. As a watercolour artist, I decided to paint the tickets in watercolour to remember my first experience in Australia.

30% of the Australian population are immigrants. The art project aims to record more immigrants' stories and pass them on. I will collect and paint small items with sentimental value, memory, and stories from immigrants who now call Australia home during the project. The 30 works represent the 30% Australians who are immigrants. 

If you are an immigrant who lives in Australia and would like to be part of the project, you can share your story with me here to keep your special memory. THERE ARE NO COSTS FOR YOU to participate in the project.

The project starts from 11th January 2020 till 30 artworks are made for the project. 

The first exhibition will be in the Dockland Library display window between 11th January - 11th February 2022. 

If you are interested, you can
Fill up this form below:

It would be great to share this with your immigrant friends who might be interested.

If you want to know a bit more about me, here is how you can contact me:


Please email me: Click here to email

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