Xiang Li Artist

Photo by James Pipino Supported by Wyndham City

Exhibition & Awards


Wyndham Art Prize 2021

Winner of Local Emerging Artist Prize 

"Werribee River Book" 

Artworks collected by Wyndham Art Gallery 

May 2021

SBS Landscape Prize 2021


September 2021

SBS Portrait Prize 2021


April  2021

Australia Watercolour Muster by Fish Lane Studios 


October 2019

Wyndham Art Prize 2019


April. 2019

Exhibitions - Solo

"My Heritage, My Story"

Library at the Dock

11th January - 14th February 2020

"A River Runs Through It"

By  incinerator gallery

Ascot Vale  library

2nd February - 30th June 2020

"Moonee Vallery Sunshine "

By  incinerator gallery

Flemington library

4th  July 2021-14th January 2020

"Red Dust"

Hunt Club Community and Art Center, Deer Park

 5th February - 11th March 2021

Exhibitions - Group

NGV art book fair x Wunder Gym x Wyndham 

"A Place Call Home"

March 2022

Linden Postcard Show - Linden New Art, St Kilda

4th December 2021 - 27th February 2022

2021 Wunder Gym Group Exhibitions

  • Sound Archiving -"My Heritage, My Story, My Australia" with Dr Barry York (April 2021)

  • The Show Must Go On - "Cage Eggs" with Sue Maslin (Producer of The Dress Maker) (May 2021)

  • Sound and Collage - "The Sound of Silence" with Lucreccia Quintanilla (August 2021)

  • Make Some Noise -"Concrete Words" With Kait James (November 2021

Prime Red 2 by Red West


"River Sunset" 

July - September 2021


50 x 500 by Red West

"Soft I"

"Soft II"

February - April 2021

Linden Postcard Show - Linden New Art, St Kilda

5th December 2020 - 31st January 2021


2020 Wunder Gym Exhibitions - Schoolhouse Studios, Collingwood (Sponsored by Wyndham City)

Group Exhibitions with Wyndham Artists

  • Mask for Mask - "Painted Skin" with the Huxley (June 2020)

  • Olfactory Art - "Olfactory World" with Catherine Bell (July 2020)

  • The expended self - "Now You See Me" with Yvette Coppersmith (September 2020)

  • A Handful of Hen's Teeth - "Love Story" with Tai Snaith (November 2020)

  • Cleaning Water -"Werribee River Book" with John Forrester & DR Teresa Mackintosh (November 2020)

  • Talk to Hands - "The Blue Butterflies" with Daine Singer (November 2020)


17th October - 18th November 2019

Group Exhibition - Wyndham City Art Gallery, Werribee

The NEW Exhibition

Xiang Li artist  at Wyndham Art Prize 2021 opening night. Photo by Marcin Falkowski 

Xiang at Wyndham Art Prize 2021 opening night. Photo by Marcin Falkowski 

Meet The Team


Sirocco Li 

CEO, Art Director

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I direct and supervise works


Xiang Li 



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I do all the works and obey the CEO


Relaxing Manager

Sox Li 


I relax and make sure everyone relax with me